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If you have a question, please look and see if it is listed in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. These questions cover topics for employers. If you are looking for the FAQs that cover candidate questions, please visit our Candidate FAQ page.

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Do I have to register to post a job?

No. Any one is able to post a job, though we highly recommend registering to take advantage of our fantastic employer dashboard. Here is where all your job postings and applications are stored.

Why isn't my job posting isn't live yet?

There are a number of reasons your job listing may not yet be live:

  • Please remember that job listings can take up to 48 hours to approve because this is done manually by a staff member. We appreciate your patience!
  • The staff member can only approve a listing once payment has successfully processed the payment/fee associated with your listing. The time frame associated with this communication from Stripe or PayPal to our website’s back end can vary – it ranges from immediate to 24 hours.If you do not receive an e-notification letting you know your payment has been processed successfully – it is safe to assume that there was an error and you will need to try again to submit your payment.
  • The staff member does not approve listings where an employer has attempted to include two or more positions in the same submission – in this case they will contact you directly to ask you to resubmit as two or more separate listings.
Why is my job posting showing up on the second page? I just posted it.

There are two job board listing options for employers to choose between – regular and featured. So many employers have begun to choose the featured listing option that it is not uncommon for featured listings to take up most or all of page 1 before regular ones begin (regular listings are not highlighted in pale yellow and they do not show up on the featured listings sidebar throughout our website). Individuals can still find your position should you choose the regular listing, but please be aware it may not show up on page 1.