2016 ADDY Ad Person of the Year

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2016 ADDY Ad Person of the Year

Mirja Riester, RIESTER

Mirja supervises research and strategic planning, in addition to managing the integration of all services within RIESTER. She established the European method of brand planning and strategy at RIESTER when she joined the firm in 1997 and has successfully launched new products and built brands for many regional and national clients in consumer packaged goods, education, environmental protection, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and tourism.

In fact, Mirja led Gilead Sciences’ national public education campaign for HIV/ Aids. Her campaigns to prevent methamphetamine and tobacco addiction were licensed by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy and the National Centers for Disease Control.

Mirja’s marketing experience is international. She began her career at DDB Needham in Germany working for clients including Volkswagen, Barclays Bank, Henkel, Panasonic, Guinness, Unilever and British Petroleum. Mirja helped launch the television show “Entertainment Tonight” in Europe. After seven years in the European ad business, she moved to the United States to lead the marketing program for Heel Pharmaceuticals Company.

Mirja earned a Masters-level Degree from the University of Hamburg. She currently serves as chairman of the board for the RIESTER Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and restoring endangered species and habitats.

She is also the founder and designer of the award winning, luxury collection of women’s silk sleep wear called Mia Piuma, which is sold in America’s finest women’s clothing boutiques. Most importantly, Mirja is the proud mother of two teenage boys.

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